Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Origins Coffee Houses

During the 18th century in London, coffee houses began to spring across the city. They attract large customers, from doctors to the merchant, and from writers to politicians. As a local tavern, coffee house is a place where people gather to talk about most issues. Those factories that churned out new ideas, gossip and news. Struggling artists flocked to places of meetings to find a place to display art and establish new business contacts. Runner even sent from house to house coffee coffee to collect, relay and report the main topic of discussion.

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Coffee house, however, does not originate in London or the United States. Note the beginning of a place serving coffee to customers dated back to 1475 in the Turkish city of Constantinople (Istanbul today). Add cream and sweetener for coffee came later, appeared in Vienna in 1529. The city has been attacked by Turkey, which in turn brought the coffee over there. 1652 saw the first coffee house in England, again the result of Turkish influence. The original location of the New York Stock Exchange was at one time Tontine Coffee House (the 1700s), the place where business takes place ad nauseum.

There are various reports origination of coffee in Italy. Some coffee date appearance there to 1654, but other accounts indicate that the coffee house in Venice has been serving drinks continuously since the 1500s. However, today in Italy, as in many countries, coffee is the center of daily life and culture. What's interesting is how it differs from other expressions of culture copies worldwide.